Its unbelivable, I am in Wenziou now, and I am a college student now.
I very love this place, where i makes a lot of freinds. The school is beautiful,the atmosphere of reading makes me feel goods. Especially , when the night comes, the capmus sparkles with flames.

Every MORNING passed hastily. I dont know why , always felt sleepy,although i had slept 3 or 4 hours in the evening. The courses in here , let me learned a lot, not only the knowledge of books, but also the manners or the attitude of life. I love speaking than listening,cause' it makes me sleeppy, so i had to keep my energy. Many great courses what i love, not to say Language courses, it surely great.Generally couses what i coosed like LOGIC & LIVE, i very like it, we have brainstorming ,watching suspense movies and novels etc. This couses makes my mind opening, from pessimistic to optimistic. Learning the pholosophy of life.

I also love to go to Library, i had borrowed 11 books from library and watched a movie from library. There is a useful place for me, i studied in here, using computer in here , so i like here.

The green trees in Wenziou are so confortable for my eyes to release the pressure.
In here, maybe the reason why i so tired all the time is that i feel some stress, i had a lot of plan not to finish yet, and many things want to achieve.

There are a lot of wonderful club and student orginization . I will join ASECSE ,which provied students some ways to go abroad, tranining the ability of leadership ,comunication ,management etc. Whats more, the WORLD GAME 's volenteer can be Wenzioirian! I can serve some athlete in the competition or international reporter. Where there is a great deal of opportunity to acumulate my experience. The prospects of life is great in wenziou.

I sometimes go to window shopping with my freinds in Hanshin department store and night market, the night in Kousheung is very beautiful.

To face the music, I very eager a chance to do the part time job, i need money . I dont wast my money in other things, the money is for buying textbooks and reference books , also the eatting affair. However,it is not enough for me to spend, so i have to find a job, where is the chance?
Another thins is that i have no computer,the homework needs to use the computer, so i feel unconvenience, many things that i have to resolve.

Last , thanks for many freinds to guide my life and help me. I so honor to make freinds with yours. I will be more independent in these days. My dream is near,I will get.

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