A series plans of myself. Wenziou provides a great deal of chances to learn useful experiences. For example, I got the chance to be a volunteer in World Game. I can translate English to the athletes,so honor to have the good chance. And the other case is to be a professional translator for international reporter.  However, the two cases that i can just choose one.  So i have figured out what i want recently.

I participated two clubs in Wenziou, one of them is ballroom dancing and the other is 慈濟 voluntary club.

Although it makes me tired some how, it also makes me strong.

In fact, I feel I under plenty of pressure,too many plans, a lot of homework i didn't do well,and i still in a origin place,no improvement. I don't want to feel that way. So I eager to learn more, hoping my English can be better,and I also try many ways to learn English.Maybe I will go to English learning center next week. Wishes my English can be great. 

If you all have good suggestions, please tell me.

I back home, I miss ChaiYi, there are good weather and good temperature. Mama is very nice, she support what i want to choose. That makes me feel good. Family is always the best friends for me.   I feel comfortable in here,enjoying what i always do.  Our home had two local dogs before, but now a cute little Belgle ran to my house.  It is so cute that i want to see it.  I will miss it in Wenziou in the future.  It is very very lovely!

The most unforgettable day is Thursday, we classmates went to 瑞豐 night market.  We chat with each other, and feel happy to laugh.  Many interesting friends in our class, so lucky to have all of you.  This day makes me to know you further more.  UE1A is what favorite class now!

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